Response to a few of your questions:

I have had a few questions regarding the choice in this months venue:

“why Jenni’s Noodle House?”

I wanted to do something in the surrounding area. It is an unnoticed part of the heights (on average) and has a unique market based potential. I stumbled in for lunch one day and was shocked to see how visually stunning it was on the inside. A quaint building with high ceilings, concrete floors and large open windows.

“Don’t you always do pop ups in places that have a hard time getting leased out?”

It depends on what effect I will have on the area. In this case, I wanted to direct people’s attention more to the art, then to the actual space itself. Not to discount the space, it to has its role in showing the potential of the area.

“who are your artists?”

I spend a lot of time looking for underrepresented artists with quality work. I have been working in the art industry for 15 years and have a very solid eye for standard. For many of them*, it will be their first show.

*I don’t discount any artist due to their standing in the art community which is why I will also have noted artists as well.

Many times I hear people complaining that there are not enough “good artists” here in Houston. One of the reasons that is, is because of the lack of support for the under established. One way to bring culture to Houston, is to support the resources we have, and help to cultivate it. For the buyer, they get to purchase and discover work before the artist’s prices skyrocket.


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