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The Brayer Room, Houston’s first Pro Tem Gallery, to bring art, culture and rejuvenation to the city’s forgotten and unused spaces.

December 30, 2010, Houston, Texas.

Today, gallery curator Esther Gutstein announced the first location for The Brayer Room, a cultural initiative meant to bring artists, empty spaces and neighborhoods together. The concept has been coined as a Pro Tem gallery, meaning each future appearance of the Brayer Room will take place in a different unused space throughout Houston.

“I began to see the empty and unused spaces as an opportunity in Houston to do something both unconventional and innovative. I wanted to bring new energy to the Houston art community and re-think the way formal exhibits take place.” Stated Gutstein.  This spirit defines both the projects and the artists on display.

As a roving gallery, the Brayer Room may pop-up  in future months anywhere from a warehouse, to an abandoned shoe store. Similarly, the artists will range from contemporary to traditional based on the size of the space and time constraints as well as owner approval. Further, Gutstein plans to provide a small boost to a real estate economy that has long been experience recession and perhaps even change owner’s minds about what is possible in their space.

This constantly relocating gallery will be showcasing some of Houston’s broad range of talented artists. The Brayer Room’s first show held on January 22nd, in a photography studio at Dakota lofts. For more information about this release, list of the first show’s artists, suggestions for future locations, or press inquiries, please call 949-293-1595, or visit

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