Pictures of West Oaks Mall

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Sharsten Plenge the Creative Director of Pacific Retail Capital Partners about a project that is coming into fruition in a very unlikely place; The old West Oaks Mall on Highway Six and 59, about twenty minutes outside the city. The idea, Sharston said, is to take 50,000 sf(the entire floor of the old JC Penny) and turn it into studios, art studios, free of rent. Having read about the Brayerroom, she informed me that we may have similar interests. I responded after reading her proposal that I would be happy to help in any way I can. Ideally, I am planning on throwing an opening show. A way to get a visualized word out among the arts community, as well as promoting a cultural apex in a place that in the past has had a lack of surrounding support. Today was my first glimpse into what will be the “West Oaks Mall Arts House.”

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Why State bar downtown?

For the last few months I have been desperately trying to get a space in downtown Houston to have a pop up in. The downturn economy has left dozens of empty retail spaces. These spaces are not only interesting and unique, they are also historical and falling into disrepair. If you are familiar with Downtown Houston, then you have already seen the trend with most of these buildings off Main Street;trendy night club, turned into vacant velvet couched bat cave.I am hoping to attract the attention of downtown developers by not only telling them it is possible to attract people to that area but showing them. To show them them the beneficial service that a pop up can offer. I find it pointless for these empty spaces to just sit around, when they could be used to expose the local arts, stimulate the surrounding economy and ultimately rented out to potential renters/buyers.
I would love to attract a stable and creative industry to this area.This is reason number one for this popup. Reason two is to showcase some wonderful art. Reason three is to have a drunken, fantastic party.
As many of you know, I don’t get paid for my popups, I am just really obsessed with not only Houston, but the Houston Arts.

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Pop Up at State Bar

This show is going to be really fun. The location is a very moody upscale location,with lush couches and chandeliers. The artists are a mixture of Street and pop. The contrast of artists and setting along with the diverse crowd is going to make for quite the event. Picture wealthy business men in expensive suits, enjoying art along with 40 oz sipping kids, that are sporting bandanas over their faces.

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Indoor Park


and after

our "pond"

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Pop Up Indoor Park

What: Pop Up Indoor Park

Where: 1708 Sunset, Houston TX

Concept: The concept is “graffiti in a park”, and because it is to hot for the outside, we are taking the outside, indoors with an “indoor park.” complete with a lawn, singing birds and park benches. ( and of course plenty of beer and rum for you all)

Who: Daniel Angelu, Esther Gutstein, Mauricio xxxx

* will only be open for the night and hours above

RSVP is appreciated

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Hello! Be in NY for my next show, be back in July another fun one in Houston!

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New Artist Introduction

Texas-born artist Geoff Grandjean is one of the up and coming talents in the Houston arts scene. He is intrigued by the flora and fauna of the south and southwest and creates southwestern themed images in oil. He combines his traditional training with a youthful freshness of color and subject presenting a unique twist on classical subject styling. Geoff describes his work as ” free and flexible, yet carefully controlled to adapt to realism or impressionism.”

For more information,  Email:

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